Evaluating Projects of a NORC Program

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Guiding Principle # 5

A well-structured evaluation generates knowledge that the program communicates to the larger community and translates into action.

A good evaluation often leads to new understanding, identifies further challenges, and points the way towards fresh approaches. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the NORC program so that it is better equipped to fulfill its mission.

Ensuring that evaluation findings are disseminated and used appropriately requires deliberate effort. Once core partners agree on the meaning of findings, joint strategies need to be developed to report the results to the larger community and turn that meaning into action. The findings can support decisions about:

  • Managing or strengthening a project.
  • Engaging resident seniors and other partners.
  • Securing wider comunity buy-in.
  • Modifying, expanding, or terminating specific services and activities.
  • Seeking new funding.
  • Sustaining the NORC program.
  • Identifying new or related issues in the community.

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