Work Plan Development Guide

NORC programs design and implement projects that meet both individual and community needs. To advance these projects, partners need to agree on what they are trying to accomplish and make decisions about the program’s focus and activities. A work plan can serve as a useful management tool in doing this. The intent of a work plan is to answer the following key questions:

  • What is the issue or problem?
  • What are you trying to do to address it?
  • What activities will you design and how will they be implemented?
  • Who will do what?
  • What additional resources and staffing will you need?
  • How long will it take?
  • What are the expected deliverables/results?

The following tool was created to provide guidance in the work plan development process.

Work Plan Development Guide (PDF File, 185KB)

Blank Workplan Form (MS Word, 108KB)

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