Sustaining a NORC Program

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Guiding Principle # 2

As a NORC program moves beyond its start-up phase, it continuously pursues more stable and diversified funding.


The mix of funding sources that support a NORC program changes over time. Short-term resources—such as legislative earmarks or foundation grants—may be adequate to launch a program, but they rarely last longer than a few years. Sustainable programs usually rely on committed government funding, supplemented by diverse sources of private support for special projects.

Attracting the stable resources necessary to achieve long-term goals and institutionalize community change involves constant effort. NORC program leaders always need to be in a fundraising mode. One dimension of that is establishing ongoing working relationships with funders, rather than making those connections only when grant applications are due.

NORC programs also need to become vocal advocates for lasting funding. That generally means championing legislation that establishes state and local policies in support of NORC programs. (For more on advocacy, see Sustaining Your Program, Guiding Principle #6.)

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