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First off, if you are having trouble reading the text because the type is not the size you like, please take advantage of our re-sizing tool—the AAA —in the right-hand column. Once you choose the type size you prefer, all the pages you visit, including this tutorial page, will reflect your preference.

Now, let’s take a look at the primary menu options on this and virtually every page of this website. Most options are found either in the “Post-It Menu,” the square tan menu (resembling some Post-Its) that appears in the upper right corner of the page; and the “Steps Menu,” the five horizontally placed buttons under the “Five Steps to Developing a NORC Program” language at the top.

Post-It Menu

  • About NORC Programs – This section offers helpful background information about NORCs and NORC programs. If these terms are new to you, this might be a good place to start.
  • Stories From the Field – In this section, you can find articles and narrative examples of what NORC programs around the country have experienced—the lessons learned and best practices described. The stories help show how the NORC Blueprints steps and guiding principles work in real-world situations. Within this section, you may choose to search for stories of greatest interest to you by filtering them using the search tool on the right. Over time, more stories will populate this section, adding to the knowledge base about NORC programs in all their stages of development. As well as being illustrative and informative, we hope these stories will be fun for you to read!
  • Tool Box – Here you will find all the forms, checklists, and other tools from this website in one place. You can sort and search through these tools using the features on the right of the page. Most of these tools will also be referenced in other parts of the site, especially in the sections where their use is most relevant. While some of these tools are available through the generosity of others who created them, many have been created specifically for this website and can be found nowhere else. We hope you find them as useful as they have been throughout their pilot-testing.
  • For Funders – This section provides information specifically developed for funders who are or may be interested in supporting NORC programs. Those who are developing NORC programs should look, too, since we expect they will want to know what is important to funders.
  • About the NORC Blueprint – Information about the work behind the creation of the NORC Blueprint website.
  • FAQs – Frequently asked questions.
  • Glossary – A list of NORC Blueprint-related terms and definitions.

Steps Menu

The tabs at the top of this and every page represent steps in the development of a NORC program, ordered to reflect the timing at which NORC programs encounter the related issues. Upon selecting a step, such as “Community,” you are provided an overview of “Understanding the Community,” including its importance in developing effective NORC programs. You will also notice a new menu on the right hand side, which provides the comprehensive list of key Guiding Principles for this step. Each Guiding Principle on this menu is a link to additional information (including Action Steps and Recommendations, field examples, and relevant tools).

Below the Guiding Principle menu, you will notice other links—to related Stories from the Field, Tools, and a Glossary. The links will take you to a subset of these items that has particular relevance to this step—in this case, to Understanding the Community. (Remember the comprehensive list of Stories and Tools, and the whole Glossary are still available from the Post-It menu.)

Other Features

The Search Box, located below the Post-It menu, can help you find specific information you are looking for.

The Print/Email/Save feature allows you to choose what action you want and what amount of information you want to process. For example, if you want to print (or save or email) the current page (or the entirety of a tool, or a story), use the drop-down box (small arrow to the left of “Print/Email/Save”) to select the scope of the information you are interested in. Highlight your preference by clicking on it. Then hit Print (or Save, or Email).

Most downloadable files on this print website are either MS Word, Excel, or PDF files. To view a PDF file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. (If you don’t have this software, you can download it for free from

Copyright and Reprint Terms

The NORC Blueprint was created as a free resource for those interested in developing or supporting the development of high-quality, effective NORC programs. While we encourage you to use these materials, the United Hospital Fund fully expects you to acknowledge the NORC Blueprint, provide its URL, in your materials, and adhere to the permission standards described below.

The United Hospital Fund owns the information on, and its entire contents and design are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws. The NORC Blueprint and its pages may not be copied or plagiarized for repurposing on another website or in any other medium. For questions or concerns, including requests for written permission for special use of these materials, please e-mail [email protected].


We sincerely hope you find the NORC Blueprint easy to use. If you have any suggestions for improvements or if you experience any problems, please contact us. We are always looking for ways to improve the website.

Thank you for coming to the NORC Blueprint website. While this website was designed with ease of navigation as a priority, you may find this brief tutorial helpful.

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