Getting Ready for the Health Indicators Risk Identification Survey Process

The Health Indicators survey process was designed to yield high-quality, valid data.  As you begin planning, please keep in mind that it takes approximately 15-20 minutes to administer the survey and about five minutes for mistake-free entry of the information into the Health Indicators database.    Access to a computer with an Internet connection is needed to log in to the database and get the training materials.  The Getting Ready form (available in the left column) can help you with the decisions you need to make to successfully prepare for the survey process.
What Do You Want To Do With The Information? 

To implement the Health Indicators process, it is important to think about how the information will be used. [more]Information can be used for one or all of the following tasks:

Which Clients Should You Survey?  

How you want to use the information affects which population to survey. [more]

How Many Clients Should You Survey?     [more]
What Will Be Your Timeframe?

Once you have identified the population you want to survey, set a time frame for the survey administration and data entry. [more] You may decide to do it:

Who Manages The Health Indicators Process?

Identify a lead person, a Manager, to manage the Health Indicators process. [more]  The Manager will serve as the champion for this effort. Responsibilities include:

Choose a deputy to serve as a backup to the lead Manager.  Having a deputy trained to assume the management tasks helps keep the process moving when the lead Manager is not available.  Read more about the Manager's role.[end]

What Staff Is Needed?

There are two major components of the Health Indicators process: completing the survey and entering data on a computer. [more] In addition to the lead and deputy Managers, you will need:

How Will Staff Get Trained?   [more]