Partnering with the Community

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Guiding Principle # 7

A NORC program becomes woven into the fabric of the surrounding community through its partnerships.

Seniors engage with the larger community in many ways, and a NORC program can not be effective if it is isolated from that community. Along with developing partnerships that have the NORC program as their primary focus, it is important to build and sustain relationships with the community at large. Establishing those long-term connections helps a NORC program thrive and lays the foundation for the social change that is at the heart of its mission.

As a NORC program begins to generate results, stakeholders who have not been directly involved have the potential to contribute to its success—or to block the way. It is important to create allies by developing and cultivating a network of relationships with the influential agencies, businesses, political organizations, and formal and informal leaders in a community.

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