Evaluating Projects of a NORC Program

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Guiding Principle # 5

A well-structured evaluation generates knowledge that the program communicates to the larger community and translates into action.

Actions and Considerations

Communicate success. Disseminate findings to partners and stakeholders within the larger community. Showing that change is possible is very empowering. Make a special point of sharing information with people likely to be affected by what is revealed by the evaluation.

Use findings to generate support for the NORC program. Showing that your work makes a difference inspires other people to get involved. For example:

  • Include evaluation findings in grant requests. This not only shows the impact of your project, but also demonstrates your ability to design an evaluation and assess change.
  • Send an abbreviated version of your findings (for example, a glossy executive summary) to funding agencies that know you, even if you are not requesting funding at that moment.

Keep in Mind

When your NORC program is dynamic and your measurements show positive outcomes, you have excellent building blocks to attract new and diverse sources of funding.

Evaluation is not an end to itself. Results should be used to provide a basis for making decisions about future activities.

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