Survey Training Agenda

Tips for Filling Out the Survey

This tip sheet will help you fill out the survey correctly.

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Health Insurance Question Guide

Use this guide to help you understand the Health Indicators survey question 12-14 that focus on Health Insurance and Prescription Drug coverage.

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Sample Introductory Script

This script includes sample language for staff to use when introducing the survey.

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The Manager is responsible for identifying and training staff to administer the survey tool.  Training takes between two and three hours to complete.  Following is one possible model for staff training, which can be modified to address your particular needs. 

1. Provide an overview of the Health Indicators survey and process – why they are important and how they can be helpful to the staff.

2. Outline how the process works.

3. Distribute copies of the survey, “Tips on Filling Out the Survey,” and “Guide to Answering Health Insurance Questions.”

4. Review together the “Tips on Filling Out the Survey.”

5. Go over each survey question with the group. Read More »


Be sure to encourage staff participation.

On the survey, questions 12, 13, and 14 deal with the client’s health insurance coverage, which can be particularly complicated and difficult to navigate. When reviewing these three questions, use the “Guide to Answering Health Insurance Questions” to review answer options and make sure staff members are clear on the choices.  Encourage staff to share any real-life examples of clients with health insurance questions, which can increase the group’s understanding.   
Suggested exercise:
One aspect of the survey that may require special training focus is the “skip logic” type of question (for example, “If ‘no,’ go to question X and mark it ‘97–Not Applicable’”).  This type of question is explained as the last point in “Tips on Filling Out the Survey.” After reviewing the skip logic directions and a set of these questions, staff should be encouraged as part of the training to practice them out loud.  For each skip logic question, choose a staff member to walk the group through the answers.  Be sure to review the other types of questions—such as “choose one” and “check all that apply”—as well.


6. Discuss how to frame the survey to clients. Read More »

It is important that staff members be comfortable with the survey—both how the process works and why it matters—before they start administering it.

The better they understand why the survey is important and how it will benefit their work, the more effective they will be in communicating this importance to their clients.  To achieve this you may want to practice the introductions with each other.  It may be helpful to distribute copies of “Sample Introductory Language” or of your own customized language.
7. Role play to practice survey administration. Read More »
As a part of your training, following the review of the survey tool and the tips for filling out the survey, a role play exercise often proves helpful.

Pair off your staff members so they can practice administering the survey.    One person should be the interviewer and the other the respondent.  Give each pair one survey to complete.  Remind them to keep track of time and to double check that they have not missed any questions.  When the pair completes the first survey, have them submit it for review by the manager, and give them a second survey so they can switch roles.  

When all the pairs are done and the surveys have been reviewed, report back to the group on how they did.  Mention common mistakes, and answer any questions that result from the role play.    Ask which questions they had difficulty with or made them uncomfortable.  Be sure to remind staff that as they become more familiar with the survey it will become easier quicker to administer.


8. Plan how the survey administration will be implemented. Read More »


To ensure that everyone understands the process and is on-board, discuss as a group how you plan to implement the survey process at your site.


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