Database Training Agenda

Tips On Entering Data Correctly

This document contains tips for entering data correclty into the database.

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Login to the Health Indicators Database

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Database Instructions for Managers

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Database Instruction Guide for Data Entry Staff

This guide will help data entry staff members Login and enter completed survey data.

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The Manager is responsible for identifying and training the staff members who will enter the data into the web-based Health Indicators Database.  Training takes approximately one hour to complete.  In order to participate in the training, staff members will need a user name and password to log in to the database.  The Database Website Instructions for Managers guide will help you create usernames and passwords for your data entry staff; it will also help you use the database.  You will also need several completed surveys to use when practicing data entry.  The following is a suggested agenda for staff training, which can be modified to address your particular needs.   

1.  Provide an overview of the Health Indicators survey and process – what is the purpose of the survey, what we hope to learn, how it will help our organization, and why the data entry role is so important to the process.  

2.  Outline how the process works.

3.  Introduction of the Health Indicators Database.

4.  Distribute copies of “Tips on Entering Data Correctly” and “Database Instructions for Data Enterers.” (Available in the left column)

5.  Go over the “Database Instructions for Data Enterers” with the group.  Be sure to encourage participation and questions.

6.  Review together the “Tips on Entering Data Correctly.”

7.  Practice data entry. Read More »

As a part of your training, following the review of the data entry instructions and tips for entering data correctly, practical training often proves most helpful. Distribute a completed survey tool to each staff member being trained.  The survey tools should not have cover sheets attached, which contain personal identifying information, but instead should have a Respondent ID number assigned to them.  The Database Website Instructions for Managers can help you assign Respondent ID numbers.

Using the completed survey tools, each staff member should practice entering an entire survey into the database.  If answers are entered incorrectly, discuss as a group how they should be resolved.  Be sure to remind staff that it will become easier and quicker to enter the survey data as they become more familiar with the database.

8.  Plan how data entry will be completed at your site. Read More »

You should decide as a group how data entry will occur at your site.  Will they be entered once a week in clusters, or as they come in?  We do not recommend that you wait until the end of the data collection process.  If there is a problem, it is better to identify it earlier in the process and resolve it.
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