Standards of Practice for Care of Clients with Heart Disease

Standards of Practice for Care of Clients with Heart Disease

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Standards of Practice Overview

Overview of the standards of practice and their development



Standard of Practice 1: Knowing and Managing Your “Numbers”

Elements of Practice for Knowing and Managing Your “Numbers”

1. Blood pressure tested at least quarterly or as prescribed by doctor and discussed with client

    1a. Adherence to prescribed changes in care regimen as needed

2. Lipids tested and reviewed annually with doctor or as otherwise prescribed

    2a.  Adherence to prescribed changes in care regimen as needed

3. Weight goal identified by appropriate professional and discussed with client (weight loss, gain or maintenance)

    3a.  Appropriate follow-up to ensure progress toward weight goal


Standard of Practice 2: Appropriate Medication Management

Elements of Practice for Appropriate Medication Management

1. Annual medication review by doctor, nurse or pharmacist

  • Medication review with each change in medication regimen (addition or subtraction of medication, dosage adjustment)

  • Medication review with any significant change in health status

  1a.  Medication regimen adjustment by doctor(s) as needed  

  1b.  Adherence to prescribed medication regimen

2. Medication Understanding Assessment by NORC program nurse every 6 months

  2a.  Education and Follow up as needed


Standard of Practice 3: Health Care Maintenance

Elements of Practice for Health Care Maintenance

1. EKG performed annually and as needed

2. Flu vaccination annually

3. Pneumonia vaccination one time after age 65 or as otherwise indicated

4Smoking cessation services and ongoing support offered if client smokes


Standard of Practice 4: Diet & Physical Activity

Elements of Practice for Diet & Physical Activity

1. Individualized diet plan provided by appropriate professional

    1a.  Adherence to prescribed diet

2. Physical activity as prescribed


Standard of Practice 5: Education and Information

Elements of Practice for Education and Information

1.  Stress control through self-management and education (e.g., yoga, exercise, support groups, etc.)









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